Monday, October 26, 2009

No More Lonely Nights

Break-up is indeed a heartbreaking experience... Some couple ended their rlationship even if they don't really mean it... Insecurities could be one reason. And who can afford to see their beloved ex-partner on other's arms? Only the insensitive and the numb can do that or shall we say those who do not really take the relationship seriously. They said that love is lovelier at the second time around. Considered proven, but how about if you lost the chance of winning him/her back? Obviously, there's no more second chance! Too bad :( Imagine the feeling (or can you?) Making up (in a hopeless situation) is difficult. No matter how many advices you can solicit from others, if the situation doesn't pave an avenue for reconciliation it's really hard to imagine... and maybe, making up is just an illusion... but no, if there's a will, there has to be a way! Most specially for married couples... Breakups is not a litttle thing-something is to be done! NEVER LET GO, NEVER GIVE UP! Consulting a marriage counselor, or any experts can be of great help... but possibilities are beyond limits for those who really have the strong determination to mend what has been broken... After all, heart and relationship really matters!

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